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volare is the latin & Italian verb "to fly" and the Spanish word for "I will fly".

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About Volare


What makes Volare Drones different from any other aerial photography or drone-for-hire business? We understand the unique needs of those working in the construction industry and value every project manager, decision-maker and client we work with.


“Values” are often just buzzwords, thrown around and sometimes not worth the paper they’re written on. But for us, our values form the backbone of our business and come across in everything we do.



Our values

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  • Client Centred


We’re here to make your life easier, whether that’s onsite or keeping your clients or stakeholders happy. We treat every project as a unique assignment, consulting with you to understand your goals and priorities. 


We manage all the arrangements and any local challenges to ensure your project runs smoothly.

  • Integrity


At Volare Drones, we follow best practice across all areas of our business. We know what’s possible to achieve with a drone (and what isn’t) - so we can ensure your expectations are able to be met prior to beginning work.


We are Commercial UAV Pilots (CAA No: 11606) fully regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, making us the reliable choice for your aerial inspection.


  • Accountable


Our pilots have extensive experience on-site and understand the importance of acting appropriately to minimise disruption.


Accountability for our presence on-site, the project we’re undertaking and the final results is all part of the experience working with Volare Drones.


  • Passionate


Every project we undertake gets our full attention, effort and enthusiasm. Why? Because we love what we do. Our passion for the task at hand is what makes our clients come back to us time and time again.


Meet Barry


With an extensive background in Project Management and the Construction industry, Barry knows what it takes to get the job done. Even as a young lad, Barry was fascinated by all things aeronautical, however, his passion took a backseat as he grew older, but it was always there. 


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It was when he flew his first drone that he realised he had found what he’d

been missing. “Nothing compares to that view you get from the air,

it’s why I do what I do.”


Fast forward a few years and Barry has combined his knowledge of the construction and commercial sectors with his love of flying to provide an efficient, economical solution for businesses across Northamptonshire, Leicestershire and the UK.


Want to know more? Contact Barry to discuss what Volare Drones can do for your business.

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