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Infrastructure Inspections


Whether you already own a commercial property, are in the

process of construction, or are doing your due diligence prior

to purchase, an aerial inspection is a sound investment.

At Volare Drones we know what you’re really interested in is

the quality of work against that of the bottom line.

With that being said, we know that cost, time and energy play a role in any decision-making process, so let’s address some of the questions you’re probably asking yourself.


How much do drone inspections cost? How long will an aerial inspection take? And can it really give a better result than the way you’re already doing things?



Where Aerial Inspections Are Used

At Volare Drones, we specialise in the construction

and commercial industries, it’s what we know and

where our expertise lies. Whether tracking site progress

for clients or providing information on

potential structure repairs for insurance work,

we’re here to take the pain out of inspections,

making it a straightforward, hassle-free process.


On-site, our pilots can skillfully navigate around local hazards and other obstacles, meaning that your progress won’t be delayed unnecessarily. And with our eye-in-the-sky, we can get into all those difficult or dangerous areas that would put a manual inspector at risk. We also use GPS to give an exact pinpoint of areas of damage, or simply to ensure that further aerial photos are taken from exactly the same spot all presented in a bespoke report.


The real question isn’t whether you should swap to aerial inspections, it’s why you haven’t already!


Drone Aerial Inspections, Saving You Time

When it comes to arranging an aerial inspection, the obvious benefit of using a drone is the convenience. No health and safety paperwork, long shutdowns or disruption to business. Instead, one pilot will survey the area thoroughly and efficiently with a drone before going away to compile a report.


The level of detail a drone captures allows for even the smallest flaws in the roof to be captured, with all recommendations provided to you in a detailed report ready to action.


Drone Aerial Inspections, Saving You Money

Traditional site and building inspections often require

the installation of scaffolding, rental of a cherry picker,

or even the erection of a custom temporary

structure - not to mention the man-hours involved in

carrying out a full manual inspection.


By undertaking an aerial inspection, you’ll save money

on infrastructure, downtime and liability insurance, all

the while getting thorough results and identifying

potential damage, reducing future losses.

Drone Aerial Inspections, Saving You Headaches

It’s a fact of life, with human error, oversights happen. This is where an aerial inspection using drone photography comes into its own. We try not to harp on about the technology too much, but the imaging process we use really does provide superior data compared to manual inspections.

Every inspection is supported with a fully annotated bespoke report from Volare Drones,

see example below:

Lincoln Building2.jpg
Farm roof11.jpg
Survey example1 - Copy.JPG
farm from above.jpg
Annotation overview - Copy.JPG

The information pulled and analysed from a drone offers a meticulous record of the site that can be accessed at any time, while our report pinpoints key areas and recommendations of action.

















Want to learn more about how an aerial inspection could streamline your project? Get in touch for a chat with Barry, Volare Drones owner and lead pilot.

Farm roof 10.jpg
Whole roof.jpg
Barn roof .jpg
Roof close up.JPG

Desborough, Northamptonshire, England,  United Kingdom

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