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Aerial Work

Aerial Property/Structure Inspections from £290*

A typical job will cost approximately £250 however there is no such thing as typical in this business as costs are liable to change depending on the type of work requested, and any additional fees e.g. Local Authority etc. We will provide a full quote prior to making any decisions as we know more than most, there is no place for commercial surprises that you haven't budgeted for!

*Includes fully annotated report

Postproduction Work

Photos £59 per hour

Videos £140 per hour


50% on receipt of confirmed order

50% on job approval/completion, however this is subject to any previous agreement!

Mileage at 45p per mile 



There are occasions out of our control that would mean we can't fly, this is mainly due to weather conditions on site. A review of the weather is made 24hrs prior to flying when a Go No/Go decision will be made. There are times when the forecasters sometimes get it wrong and so a full evaluation of the conditions are made once we get to site.

In any case if we have to abort a job due to conditions outside of the control of the client and volare drones then we will reschedule the work at no additional cost.

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